BH's Employer Connection: Attract and Engage New Talent with Online Career Events

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Attract and Engage New Talent with Online Career Events

It's time to keep up, no more pretending! BROKERHUNTER has changed a lot since its inception in 1999, and so have the methods and techniques used to recruit. While it's our business to stay up to date on the latest and greatest ways to recruit Financial Advisors; it probably is not your primary focus. Let's think…has it been a while since you've found the talent you are really looking for, or have you settled?

BROKERHUNTER, the leader in financial services recruiting for more than 15 years, will co-present with Ashley Hoffman from Brazen Careerist, a special webinar; Creating Online Career Events to Engage & Recruit Top Financial Advisors on May 20, 2015. Brazen powers real-time, on-line events for leading organizations. David Testerman, Managing Partner of BROKERHUNTER added that, "We are especially proud to combine our "powers" and direct quality candidates from our exclusive database of over 100,000 visitors to drive success to your online event." Read More

Wednesday, May 20th at 2:00 PM Eastern
Webinar Presentation: Creating Online Career Events to Engage and Recruit Top Financial Advisors

BROKERHUNTER will co-present with special guest from Brazen Careerist: Creating Online Career Events to Engage and Recruit Top Financial Advisors. This special webinar will highlight the effectiveness of events as a marketing channel for companies looking to hire top financial services talent. Register here.

October 21, 2015
Virtual Career Fair 1-6 PM Eastern

BROKERHUNTER'S Virtual Career Fair attracts talent. The event is scheduled for October 21st and is the most cost effective way to interview hundreds of qualified candidates without packing a suitcase! Don’t be left out, join our current sponsors by registering here.

On April 30, 2015, over 70 different branch offices joined us for a brief discussion about the current crisis facing branches nationwide- the shrinking financial advisor pool. Together, they agreed that they are all struggling to recruit top talent and find the right medium to have their message heard. David Testerman, Managing Partner of BROKERHUNTER, was able to shed some light on this crisis. Statistically there are only 320,000 Financial Advisors nationally and over 160,000 Securities Branch offices in the nation.

The crisis is hitting home and more and more branches are searching for a solution that won’t eat their time! BROKERHUNTER developed the BranchPAC 300 Project specifically for those serious about recruiting, but paralyzed by the overwhelming task or just needing the support, that their branch is missing. Connect with BROKERHUNTER today, the consultation is free, and our Director of Digital Sales Bernie Steiner will be ready to help! Bernie can be reached at 1-888-955-6795, ext. 206 or via email at

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What? You’re not off work yet? Everyone wants a reason to celebrate! Give them a reason! Try this simple technique to grow your business:

What? Get out of the office (today’s a great day to start!)


  • Work your own network, neighborhood or join a professional group.
  • Keep current employees happy and welcome new recruits (or find some new ones) by planning events outside the office. Promote a sense of comradery and others will notice! Additionally, allow employees to bring a friend to events. This will ensure your contact base to grow!
  • Sponsor a community event- something fun, mingle and expand your connections by tapping into your friends and neighbors networks in a more comfortable setting.
  • Do good- Volunteer and build your reputation while advertising your Branch is a win/win! For instance, schedule a day to sort canned goods for a food bank or help out at a Habitat for Humanity House build.

When? More often. It’s working, but the watercooler isn’t the only place to hang out! Besides, the possibilities are endless, once you step right outside your door!

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