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To Find a Job on the Web Be One of a Kind

There has been an avalanche of articles, columns, blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn group discussions and Facebook notifications about how to use the Web to find a job. It's all been helpful, but almost always overlooks the single factor that is the key to success. With millions of people now searching for employment online, the first and most important step is to stand out from the herd. And now, Twitter has given you a way to do just that. Read More

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Wednesday, March 18 at 2 PM Eastern
Schwab Career Event Tomorrow!

Listen as an experienced branch office manager, a regional executive, a leading financial consultant, and a top talent acquisition leader from Schwab share the benefits and challenges of being a "Schwabbie." Following the presentation, ask the questions you want to know about a career with Charles Schwab. We encourage you to mark your calendar and register today for this exclusive webinar.


Big Interview? Did you do your homework?

Even before the big day, it is important to research any company you are looking to join. Often, phone interviews or email correspondence occur before a face to face meeting. It is vital to communicate knowledge and appreciation for the culture of the company. And to not sound cliché, first impressions count.

Today's technology allows many ways for you to research any company and its employees. LinkedIn, Company website, and a simple Google search. Many times, companies will even post a synopsis of their company and its culture on niche websites and industry specific forums.

Before you send an application or pick up the phone to call a prospective employer, be sure you've done your research. The simple research will increase your confidence and chances of being hired. It may also help you avoid applying for a company that does not meet your criteria or that you are not a good fit for. Either way, doing your homework before the big interview has its benefits.

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