BH's Career Connection: Don't Forget the Sunscreen and Other FA Advice

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Don't Forget the Sunscreen, Closed Toe Shoes and Other Financial Advisor Candidate Advice!

Protection is good. The benefit of wearing sunscreen, closed toe shoes, a hard hat, safety glasses etc. is proven. But, what type of protection have you taken to help you as an advisor?

This question may have you baffled. However, as an active candidate (or passive) you must think of just these things. How will I transition carefully? What do I do daily to stay current? When and how will I be able to share what I know? Will I be able to retire when I want to? Read More

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Summer is a great time to relax and see what's out there! Visit to learn who's looking to hire and what they expect! We've got more than just job postings, we've got company profiles, tips and events that help you advance your search. All you have to do is let us know by registering here.


Searching for a job in the summer can be slow. The contact you need to speak to is probably on vacation. So why not take advantage of the extra time you have and do some summer reading! We've found some websites that offer great list of books for Financial Advisors to read at the beach or by the pool!

So whether you are looking to developing a long term approach, get help with marketing, or wondering the secrets of those who are top producers, these books are great start!

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