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A Multitude of Hope

Today's job market is a cold and indifferent place. It feels as if it is operated by uncaring organizations that treat job seekers as second class citizens. The situation is frustrating and disrespectful and calls out for change. But, here's the rub: change doesn't happen because it should; it happens because it's forced to.

No one likes confrontation, but sometimes going toe-to-toe with an adversary is the only way to get things done. That's the central thesis of a book I've written about the American world of work in the second decade of the 21st Century. It's not your typical career or job search primer, but instead, is a novel called A Multitude of Hope. Read More

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March 18, 2015 - Explore a career with Charles Schwab and "own your tomorrow," brought to you by BROKERHUNTER

LIVE on March 18, 2015, at 2 PM Eastern BROKERHUNTER will host an exclusive online webinar, "Own Your Tomorrow." Join us as executives share the "Schwabbie" culture and Schwab employment opportunities for 2015. It's not often you get a chance to work with a company that's been challenging the conventions of the industry for over 40 years! Schwab strives to help their employees create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. It permeates everything they say and do and now you will get a chance to hear from Schwab LIVE, ask questions and explore a new career opportunity that will help you "own your tomorrow!" Registration is now open for this March 18, 2015, event! Register Here


Have recruiters stopped calling? Here’s an insider tip!

What's one of the biggest mistakes candidates make? They upload their polished, perfect resume into a job board database, and then do nothing more. Job boards are searched by recruiters daily. Some job boards (like even send e-mails when new candidates meet their set criteria. Therefore, they review only the most recent and up to date resumes and profiles.

A great resume and profile is important. However, in order to increase your opportunity to be "seen," you will need to keep your profile up to the minute. Many times when viewing a resume, recruiters are left to guess if the candidate is still searching employment if your resume submission date is greater than 1.5+ months. So how do you keep yourself on the top of the list? Visit the job board and update your resume dates or skills that may have changed since submission. But do not overdo it (you do not want to seem desperate). Your activity will usually flag a new submission date or note a revision. This small clue could be your key to letting recruiters know you are still in the race.

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