Become a Workplace Asset

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The Xtreme Sucess strategy is specifically designed to protect and promote you in the harsh employment environment of the post-recession economy. It builds on the XeS mindset to establish two channels of action for personal development. These channels enable you to get out ahead of the continuous changes that occur in today's workplace so you are their master, rather than their victim. They prepare and position you to do your best work in your current job and to look your best in the job market.

So, whether you are employed or looking for your next adventure, the workplace has changed and therefore you must too. Many times we find ourselves not respecting our true talents on a daily basis. Our attitude can fall into three types of thinking:

1.) It's too hard to do more
2.) My boss doesn't deserve my expression of talent
3.) I just want a job that pays enough

Attitude can destroy your career. You spend 1/3 of your life at work. You should be happy at work. In order to create that fulfilment, and always be employed by the employer of your choice, you must secure yourself as being seen as an asset to your employer.

So how do you ensure your success? You create the perception of being a work in progress. To be a work in progress, you must remain committed to being relevant and cutting edge. To achieve this, you must continue your education.

If employed, this means exploring classes that benefit you and your image to your employer. Commit to classes and let others know. By letting your employer know you are currently expanding your knowledge, you open their mind to see you as motivated and ready to achieve more challenges. You become perceived as an asset.

If seeking employment, you are competing with the employed. Even if more qualified 9/10 times, the employer will choose the employed rather than the unknown unemployed candidate. How do you change hiring managers' perceptions? You remain relevant, current and cutting edge by continuing your education. And how do you tell others? Add any courses or mentorships to your resume. All experience is relevant and builds your image as an asset to the company.

The Xtreme Success strategy combats both age discrimination and lack of wok experience. It alleviates gaps in employment and allows you to put your best face forward to employers. Over time, the continued education courses you take will cement your new knowledge and allow you to master the content once in the workplace.

If you are seeking more information on how to "Become an Asset" please visit Session 3 of the Xtreme Success series to view the full webinar by Peter Weddle.

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