7 Steps to Hiring Great Employees | ThinkAdvisor by Katherine Vessenes


We have been so blessed with the growth of the business that we are in the process of hiring two new employees. When I consider the headaches of the multi-million dollar advisor, most of them involve finding and keeping great team members. Here are some of the steps we use to create our own “dream team.”

1. The Ad

We used to run free ads on Craigslist, but lately we have gotten a lot more strategic about where we place them. Now we still use Craigslist, but find we get much better results from some of the paid job boards, like LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter.

It really pays to spend time crafting the right ad. We want it to appeal to our target candidate: someone who is smart, has some experience in financial services, and buys into our culture of putting the client first.


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