6 Tips for Working the Room at a Networking Event | USNews by Arnie Fertig

You can't hide behind your computer screen anymore. Now is the time to build your network's size and effectiveness by getting out and meeting new people face to face. According to Harvard Business School, between 65 percent to 85 percent of all jobs are filled because someone knows someone else. Turn off your computer and get "out there."

Many professional organizations, common interest groups, companies and colleges run events clearly marketed as opportunities for networking. Scan your local newspaper or business journal, LinkedIn groups or Meetup.com to find them. Or simply run this Google search: "'networking event' AND '[insert your city]'" and tweak it to fit your needs.

Some people feel like a fish out of water in a room filled with strangers. If you are like this, just remember that all those other people are there because they are just like you: they want to meet new people and build new relationships. You might know something that they would value. You might be the answer to another networker's needs.


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