6 Smart Tips for Working With Millennial Financial Advisors | ThinkAdvisor by Alix Purcell

Alix PurcellAs the leader of a successful financial advisory team your greatest asset is your human capital. And if you’re looking to increase the sustainability of your business it might be wise to look into hiring a younger generation of advisors to help grow and prepare your team for the future. Millennial financial advisors hold incredible knowledge and first-hand experience regarding the new generation of investors and approaches to their financial planning. Their relationship management skills are beneficial in connecting with the heirs of your clients’ wealth.

Millennials are also an asset because they bring a very different kind of thinking to the table; born from involved parents, incredible access to information and the perspective that anything’s possible. While a more seasoned advisor may find it difficult to bridge the gap between his or her mindset and that of the younger generation, it’s worth it to invest in their growth to ultimately help the sustainability and succession planning of your practice.

The six tips below will guide your thinking as you begin to grow your financial advisory team and welcome these next-gen financial advisors.


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