6 Coaching Skills All Financial Pros Must Have | ThinkAdvisor by Alix Purcell

Alix Purcell

As the premier coaching company serving financial professionals, ClientWise has several key objectives to accomplish simultaneously. The first and, in many respects, foremost, of these is to disseminate knowledge about what coaching is and what coaching is not. This distinction helps financial advisors gain a clearer understanding of how coaching, different from consulting, advising or mentoring, can help them in the process of improving their practice and their relationships.

This became incredibly evident to me in October as I began the first two days of a 6 month-long course: The Certified Financial Services Coach Training Program.

Over those two days I was able to witness firsthand the ways coaching is of value in the financial services industry and for financial professionals of all kinds: branch managers, relationships managers, practice management specialists, business development professionals, and even writers like myself.


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