5 Things Your Future Employer Won’t Tell You During An Interview | Mary Davids


I bet you can remember nailing your interview. After you left, you felt great. Birds were singing, violins were playing and you…..smiling. Soon after, you received that phone call: “you’re hired!” I bet you were jumping around with joy, calling all your friends and family running around screaming Yes! Yes! Yes! (well, maybe that part is just me). Anyway, you remember the excitement you felt when you started; you were ready to conquer the world. You get to work on your first day and…..….SURPRISE! You see what you’ll actually be doing. You look around, hoping its April Fool’s Day, but soon realize it’s not. Then it hits you – the job is not all what you thought it would be.

It’s inevitable, there are things your future employer will not tell you voluntarily during an interview and unless you ask, you won’t find out until you start. By then, it could be too late.

Over the years my clients have given me numerous reasons why they’ve felt frustrated in their current roles and I’ve consistently discovered the common denominator is a breakdown in communication between the employer and the employee; the giving and receiving of job expectations and career goals, many of which can be traced back to the interview. I’ve put together my top five “interview secrets” and tips on combatting these issues before you accept an offer.


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