3 Ways to Avoid Social Media’s Time Suck When Prospecting | ThinkAdvisor by Amy Carlson Koenig


Too often advisors find any reason they can to avoid making direct contact with a prospect. Whether it is picking up the phone and calling a prospect, calling a client and asking for a referral or setting up some sort of passion prospect event, many advisors are steering clear of direct contact in favor of social media. I keep hearing social media is the go-to tool for prospecting but can’t help but think it has become an avoidance tool when used incorrectly. 

Recently on LinkedIn somebody connected with me by sending along the usual invite. After accepting, LinkedIn tried to connect me to more people by showing me other people I may know. I started to scroll through one page and click a few people you know, and before you know it I’d spent 20 minutes surfing for connections—valuable time wasted.

I’m not alone on this. We know how distracting LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter, and all the other sites can be without a strategy. The content is sticky and it’s just too easy to get sucked in. An hour later you find yourself asking where the time went.


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