‘Strategic’ Lying: To Get the Job, Tell Advisors What They Want to Hear | ThinkAdvisor by Angie Herbers


I recently came across a posting on Linkedin/pulse by Mark Stevens, CEO of marketing firm MSCO, Inc., titled “Why You Must Lie On Job Interviews and What You Must Lie About.” I know, it sounds like terrible advice, yet Mr. Stevens makes a good case that HR consultants often look for the wrong things in job candidates. So to get into jobs they’ll be very good at, candidates often have tell lower-level screeners what they want to hear.

In our work, we find that owner-advisors often look for the wrong things in applicants to fill jobs in their firms. While we don’t condone actual lying, we do suggest that advisory job candidates answer advisors’ questions “strategically.”

That will increase the chances that the advisor gets the employee that they need while the employee gets the job at which they will excel.


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